Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Introduction -- Cycling Performance Tips Ebook

In the late 1980's I wrote Bicycling Fuel as a nutrition guide for cyclists. I wanted something based on sound physiology and medical studies/published articles, and to avoid the personal testimonials which were all too frequent among my friends.  Then in the early 1990's when the book went out of print, I transitioned the content to a website cptips.com with the intent to maintain the same philosophy of solid recommendations based on data.

Over the years, as I ran across performance tips on equipment and training programs, I added these to the website. Thus the focus is now on all aspects of performance improvement for cyclists.

I've regularly toyed with the idea of an ebook summarizing the website content into a short read that would be more useful for the average recreational cyclist. And for those interested in the background studies, the website remains available.

If you find this ebook helpful, a few dollars for your "purchase" is always appreciated to help defray my monthly ISP expenses. (I included a PayPal link on the blog. )

The downside of using the blog format is it wants to keep my posts in chronological order while I want the flexibility to address chapters as I have time. For example, Interval Training has been of interest to many readers of my FaceBook Page so I am doing it as the first.

My first entry in the blog archives will be a Table of Contents which will then remain at the top. I will then update it as I add chapters. It will become more useful as time passes.

I hope you enjoy the content. Feel free to send me questions and feedback via cptipshome@gmail.com

Dick Rafoth MD


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